August 10, 2019 | 0800 – 1700

CARROLL NONPROFIT CENTER 255 Clifton Blvd. Westminster, Maryland 21157

Course Registration

This class is ONLY available for those who have completed Practical Chaplaincy Course.

Program Registration $100/Attendee

Course Purpose

As chaplains, we have many opportunities to officiate both wedding ceremonies and funeral services. This class will help to educate, inform and train chaplains in how to conduct both a wedding and funeral. This class will also help the chaplain to understand the importance of pre, peri, and post responsibility of the chaplain when dealing with both weddings and funerals.

Topics Covered

• History and customs of marriage                              • Suggested Scripture reading 
• Basic knowledge of Marriage Laws                            • Affirmation of vows 
• The importance of pre-marriage counseling            • Symbolic acts 
• The wedding ceremony                                                • Follow-up counseling

• Meeting with the family                                               • The funeral / memorial service 
• Helping the family deal with their grief                     • Suggested Scripture reading 
• Preparing the eulogy and message                           • The graveside ceremony 
• Christian vs. Non-Christian                                         • Follow-up

Course Facilitator

Sr. Chaplain Ken Schlenker, Founder CAREForce I [email protected]

National Center Chaplain Development provides organizational development, training, and practical response to individuals and organizations in crisis. Trained chaplains working within a triad of care consisting of mental health, peer support and chaplains, provide physical, emotional, cognitive, behavioral and spiritual support following a critical incident.

Affiliate Partners

Armed Forces Mission
Grace School of Theology
International Critical Incident Stress Foundation
International Conference of Police Chaplains
Living Shield Ministries
The Counseling Team International
The Stronger Alliance
The Joyful Child Foundation

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