Storms of Life Series: CAREForce Collaboration with Grace School of Theology

Ken Schlenker is the founder of, a non-profit based in Houston, Texas. provides Crisis Training, Response and Organizational Development for first-responder and community baserd organizations through its three agencies: National Center Chaplain Development, California Law Enforcement Chaplain Consortium and Christian Crisis Care.

Chaplain Ken is an Expert Witness and Diplomate with the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress and the National Center for Crisis Management, holding board certification in crisis chaplaincy, emergency response and stress management.

Chaplain Ken has also served on the education committee and is a member of the International Conference of Police Chaplains. He is also a Master Trainer for, which provides the international standard for suicide intervention.

Grace School of Theology's partnership with CAREForce provides the ideal blend of practical, proven chaplaincy training with solid, accredited theological education. Students going through our programs will emerge as fully equipped spiritual leaders ready to serve in crisis situations and ongoing daily chaplain ministry in our communities and across the nations. With technology reshaping our ability to teach, study, learn and connect – it is now possible to share sound, doctrinal truth across cultures and in areas where strong biblical teaching is often not available.

Harnessing that power, Grace School of Theology offers seminary training for spiritual leaders in every nation – right where they live and serve. So whether physically in a classroom at one of our learning sites, or online from virtually anywhere, Grace offers a variety of certificates, diplomas, and degrees at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate level in order to meet the diverse academic needs of our students.

Grace is internationally accredited by two of the most recognized and respected accrediting bodies for theological schools, ensuring that our graduates have open doors in ministry and academia in the United States and the world.

Crisis Impact: How Crisis Impacts Individuals and Organizations

When we see news of mass shootings, we often ask why and how these could possibly happen. In this video, Sr. Chaplain Ken Schlenker walks us through the facts and helps us understand how a single individual in crisis can adversely affect the community. More importantly, what can the faith community do? How can the chaplain ministry make a difference? If you are looking for an opportunity to make a huge impact in people's lives, bringing the love of Christ to the many people who are longing to be cared for in their time of crisis, consider becoming a chaplain. Learn how at

Intro to Christian Crisis Counseling with Shelly Pinomaki

When the church gets a call for help during times of crisis, what is your game plan? If you are a ministry leader seeking to begin the process of developing crisis response teams in your church, this seminar is for you.

Introduction to Christian Crisis Care on February 13, 7-8:30pm CST with Sr. Chaplain Shelly Hutchins Pinomaki and gain an understanding of how to develop a ministry response team in your church.

Should We Talk About Suicide (Jan 2018)

Come join us for practical training on suicide awareness on January 18, from 7 to 8:30 pm CST at the Grace School of Theology World Headquarters, located in The Woodlands, TX. This is the second free seminar in a series of community seminars provided in partnership between Grace School of Theology and

Dealing openly with the stigma around suicide, this exploration focuses upon the question "Should we talk about suicide?" By looking at this question in a number of different ways, session members can discover some of the beliefs and ideas about suicide in their communities—and in themselves. This is appropriate for those 15 years and older.

How to Help People Navigate the Storms of Life (Nov 2017)

How to Help People Navigate the Storms of Life: Hurricanes, Health, Holidays & Other Stressors

The 1st in a Collaborative Seminar Series Provided by Grace School of Theology & CAREForce Thursday, November 30,7:00-8:30 pm Grace World Headquarters (The Woodlands, TX) & Online Worldwide Stress comes from many sources and it is no respecter of persons. Everyone has stressors in their lives, whether it be natural disasters, a cancer diagnosis, or the interpersonal dynamics of holiday gatherings. Join us for a relevant, practical discussion led by nationally-recognized crisis expert Ken Schlenker and leave better equipped to serve.


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