Wellness Channel Interview

I was recently interviewed with Jim Bontrager, President of the International Conference of Police Chaplains on Law Enforcement Chaplaincy.  Take some time to watch this important broadcast. The Wellness Channel for first responders is presented by the Director of PTSD911, Conrad Weaver. This is a free resource for first responders as well as the general public featuring the First Responder Wellness Podcast, as well as other wellness and personal development- related content. Our goal it to inspire you to live a life of wellness.  

”Kens on Suicide”

Take a few minutes to listen to an impromptu conversation between Lt Colonel Ken Koons of Armed Forces Mission and Sr Chaplain Ken Schlenker of CAREForce at the American Association of Christian Counselors World Conference on the issue of suicide facing our nation.

"I have known Sr. Chaplain Ken Schlenker, M.Div. for a decade. He is an Approved Instructor for the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (a United Nations affiliated organization I co-founded 22 years ago) and Resiliency Science Institutes. I have known his work through both affiliations. Sr. Chaplain Schlenker is bright and energetic. One conversation with him and a review of his accomplishments reveal him to be a true visionary. His pioneering efforts and his dedication to excellence have led to seminal initiatives in the areas of crisis intervention and human resilience. He is an excellent trainer with an ability to effectively teach to persons at many different academic and experience levels."

George S. Everly, Jr., PhD, ABPP

Professor of Psychology, Loyola University
Maryland Associate Professor of Psychiatry,
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

"I must say I am glad I took the classes and the opportunity to use what I was taught. I have a couple whose adult son went missing for a few weeks whom I was able to be with while their son was missing. I was able to talk with him when he showed back up. Also have a very close friend of my family whose son committed suicide. What made it even more difficult was that it was his second child to have done the same thing. The first occurring five years earlier. I was able to help them as a result of the things I learned in your classes. I didn’t say any of the stupid stuff people normally say and was just there for them to cry and talk with and help them physically with dinners. It’s hard to explain, but I saw the situation differently after your class. I knew how to walk with them in their grief. What you taught us made me a better person, I believe and am now more willing and wanting to help others then I ever have before. Thank you."

Gil Rouzer

"I’ve known Ken for many years and have witnessed his mastery of developing and presenting cutting edge, student-centered training experiences using the principles of Instructional System Design. His passion and expertise in the area of crisis intervention strategies and suicide prevention are simply outstanding and their applications into the military, law enforcement and first responder communities provides a priceless service. Ken is always seeking to raise his bar of instructional knowledge and application which allows him to consistently deliver training at the highest levels. Ken is the finest example of instructional system design and deliver."

Rodger Ruge

Santa Rosa PD Detective Ret. IDI Master Instructor Level 3&4 Facilitator, HeroTalk Podcast Host

"“My journey in the Chaplaincy Studies Program has been a beacon of transformation and growth. It was a leap of faith, driven by a deep-seated calling and a quest for a program that resonated with my aspirations. The turning point in this journey was meeting ‘Chaplain Ken,’ a pillar of wisdom and guidance in this program. Chaplain Ken’s expertise in ministry and his pragmatic approach to education instilled in me the confidence to pursue this unique path. His ability to blend academic rigor with real-world ministry insights has enriched my learning experience immeasurably. This program, under Chaplain Ken’s mentorship, goes beyond traditional education. It is a journey of personal and spiritual metamorphosis, essential for those called to serve in ministry. The training here is unique, equipping students to make a significant impact in a world in dire need of compassionate ministry. To Chaplain Ken and all the educators who have been part of this journey, your dedication is a legacy in itself. Your wisdom, grace, and strength are inspiring. Thank you for equipping us to serve those in need and for being an example of living in purpose and peace. With heartfelt gratitude"

Pam Haley
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