Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)

What is CPE?

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) is a unique educational experience for individuals of all faith groups. CAREForce offers CPE to faith-based professionals, lay ministers, and theological students seeking professional growth and development within a clinical or community-based setting.

CPE students learn through the action-reflection model providing them an opportunity to grow and learn in different settings.

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) is an interfaith adult education preparing individuals for board certification. Most hospitals and hospices require CPE to be eligible for employment. certification requires four (4) units of CPE which consists of 300 clinical hours and 100 group and supervision hours.

What does CPE consist of?

The CPE training program includes various methods of didactic and applied to learn:

  • Students participate in 100 hours of didactic lectures offered live and via zoom.
  • Students journal their learning in weekly Reflection Reports which depict significant experiences with patients and thoughts about ministry.
  • Students will prepare a verbatim that outline’s their interaction with patients or clients.
  • Students engage in weekly one-on-one Coaching/Supervisory Sessions with their CPE Supervisor. The weekly sessions allow students to receive personalized coaching and mentoring.
  • CPE students partake in 300 hours of supervised Clinical Training at their current place of ministry or any number of settings including but not limited to; hospitals, hospices, corporate settings, prisons, or nursing homes.

2023 Cohorts Begin The Weeks Of:

Spring Term Dates: Monday, January 9 - Sunday, April 23

Summer Term Dates: Monday, May 8 - Sunday, Aug 20

Fall Term Dates: Monday, September 4 - Sunday, December 10 

Be Advised that cohorts will be available during the day and evening and will be determined between the applicant and CPE Supervisor at the time of acceptance into CPE.





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