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CAREForce is excited to continue to offer Suicide Intervention training from LivingWorks, the premier provider of Suicide Intervention Training Worldwide.  Over 2,000,000 people have been trained internationally with Applied Suicide Intervention Skills training (ASIST).

Adding to safeTALK, ASIST and Suicide to Hope, are  two new programs:


This three‐hour workshop will prepare you to recognize and support a person with thoughts of suicide.  You will become a “safeTALK‐trained suicide alert helper,” which will allow you to move beyond the common tendency to dismiss or avoid suicide.  This training will provide instruction on how to properly connect a person with thoughts of suicide to first aid and intervention caregivers. 

Format: Face to Face (social distancing)
SIZE: 30 max per class with two class offerings

DATE: February 16, 2024
TIME: 1-3p
COST: PRIVATE (Concordia Lutheran High School)

International Conference of Police Chaplains Region 4 Training Seminar

ADVANCED TRACK OFFERING: Resilient Minds on the Front Lines

Plan now to attend the 2024 Region 4 Training Seminar, scheduled for March 4-6, 2024, at the Grand Geneva Resort & Spa in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Click the buttons below to download the conference brochure, register to attend the event, or reserve your hotel room.

Contact Information

Conference Host Archer Leupp
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 715-938‐4375

Format: Face-to-Face 

LOCATION: Grand Geneva Resort & Spa Lake Geneva, WI

DATE: March 4-6, 2024
HOST: International Conference of Police Chaplains Region 4 RTS)) 




What is the Resilient Minds Training Program Curriculum?

The Resilient Minds Training Program adopts many of the principles established in the PERMA model of well-being (positive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning, accomplishment.) A greater sense of self-awareness can lead to enhanced self-management skills for an individual. Indeed, resilience and wellness training builds resilience and improves it in people who consider themselves to be resilient. Therefore, understanding these concepts and engaging in continual practice of these principles, will foster and increase personal resilience. The Resilient Minds Training Program is based upon several basic concepts that will ultimately train the student to “remind, reframe, and rewire” their thought process. We will also introduce the concept of reciprocal resiliency. Through exercises learned in class, students will learn to choose to focus their thoughts on fixing the issue at hand. Students will also learn to recognize their personal “triggers;” when they are spiraling down; and how to check themselves to stop a downward spiral.

Is This Training Program Limited Only to Law Enforcement or First Responders?

No. Lessons taught in this training are universal and therefore transcend the first responder community. The principles taught can help adults, children, and adolescents overcome adverse childhood experiences. The Resilient Minds principle applies equally to top-level executives and rank-and-file employees. The same skills that guide the CEO of a company will also help the worker on the line, stocking the shelves, or transporting goods. The concepts taught in this course will increase job satisfaction, increase engagement, and improve focus. The Resilient Minds Training Program will make your leadership team and managers better equipped at problem-solving by focusing on active listening, promoting teamwork, and effective communication skills. Studies demonstrate there is a 63% difference in the productivity of workers who are managed by leaders who emphasize employee strengths rather than a weaknesses. Ultimately, a truly resilient group will need to adopt and live these concepts from the “top-down.”

The full curriculum includes:
  • the importance of positive emotions
  • gratitude and blessings
  • balanced thinking and growth mindset
  • goal setting and understanding triggers that cause unproductive reactions that interfere with performance, goals, and relationships
  • understanding how the brain interprets activating events and the emotional and physiological consequences (“ABC” Model)
  • effective active listening communication skills
  • meaning-making and acceptance
  • spiritual, physiological, mental, and emotional resilience
  • meditation, yoga, tactical breathing exercises, physical training, and nutrition



International Conference of Police Chaplains Annual Training Seminar

Plan to attend the 2024 ICPC Annual Training Seminar July 15-19, 2024, by making your reservation at the Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh Downtown in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. 

Advanced Track

  • July 15-17 Resiliency
  • July 18-19 Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)

Format: Face-to-Face 

LOCATION: Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh Downtown in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.
DATEJuly 15-19, 2024
HOST: International Conference of Police Chaplains






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