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September 28, 2023 | 4:30 - 7:30 PM CST

2909 East Aldine Amphitheatre Drive, Unit 200, Houston, TX 77039

An act of transgression that create dissonance and conflict because it violates
assumptions and beliefs about what is right and wrong and personal goodness. (Litz, 2009).



This workshop will focus on why the family unit is essential in treating a moral injury and how they play a vital role in the continuum of care.

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Keynote & Moderator

Dr. Ryan Rogers, DHS, MBA

President, PTSD Foundation of America, United States Army


Chaplain William Cork

Assistant Director, Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, National Guard & United States Army Reserve










Pre-Recorded Interview Segments

The audience will discover the commonalities of moral injury across diverse environments.

The audience will learn the extensive resources that are available for them and their family members.

Become aware of the availability of various treatment options.

Discover the complexities and importance of family and community support when dealing with moral injury.

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Collaborating Organizations

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Spiritual Features of War-Related Moral Injury

Spirituality in Clinical Practice 2017, Vol. 4, No 4, 249-261

(Wortmann, Eisen, Hundert, Jordan, Smith, Nash, Litz)

In the public domain

Warzone experiences that violate deeply held moral beliefs and expectations may lead to moral injury and associated spiritual distress (Litz et al., 2009). Helping morally injured war veterans who are grappling with spiritual or religious issues is part of multicultural competence (Vieten et al., 2013) and falls within the scope of practice of mental health clinicians. Moreover, practicing clinicians report that they lack adequate knowledge of the diverse spiritual and religious backgrounds of their clients and when to seek consultation from and collaborate with spiritual / religious teachers (Vieten et al., 2016). We argue that optimal assessment and treatment of psychically traumatized military personnel and veterans requires an understanding of the idioms and perspectives of various spiritual (religious and philosophical) traditions on transgression and their recommendations for forgiveness and healing. To this end, we (a) provide an overview of the source of moral codes associated with various traditions, (b) discuss aspects of warzone events that may violate those moral codes and spiritual reactions to those violations, (c) describe spiritual traditions’ approaches to making amends for transgressions, and (d) provide brief case scenarios that illustrate spiritual features of moral injury and point to circumstances in which collaboration with chaplains or clergy may be helpful for addressing aspects of moral injury.

Pre-Workshop Reading

Moderated Facilitated Discussion

After each video interview segment, time will be given to facilitate processing and question and answer around the segment topic.

Now what? Next Steps...

Coming back together as a community, we will discuss the implications from a larger perspective looking towards the future and how we may work together.

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CEUs Are Provided Through CAREForce and the Marsh Center Chaplain Studies, BH Carroll

TCOLE hours will also e provided via Harris County S Office.

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