Benjamin Samusiko Thank You Letter

zambia Aug 29, 2016

August 23, 2016

Dear Donors,

Thank you for your kind donation that made it possible for me to travel from Zambia to the USA. Your generous support will greatly impact my country as we will soon establish Celebrate Recovery meeting places in our communities. These Christ focused groups will help people who are experiencing hurts, hang ups and habits-it can help all of us! Specifically, we will begin to address the rise in alcohol abuse and other drugs which have been major contributors to domestic violence, road traffic, poverty, the rise in HIV and sexually transmitted infections. We hope to see the benefit of healthier families and more children going to school in the near future.

I want to assure you that despite the urgency in starting Celebrating Recovery in Zambia, I will not comprise the quality and effectiveness of Celebrate Recovery. I have acquired the needed experience and knowledge on Celebrate Recovery through the three-day summit at Saddleback Church from the August 10th-13th. The summit was so resourceful and inspirational through lessons and testimonies given by various people. I also had the opportunity to attend Celebrate Recovery meetings in various cities in San Diego and Orange County. Since this program is so transforming, I too have begun to work the program, established a few mentors to help me to address my own personal issues in life. Through them I have acquired more knowledge about establishing a program and leadership skills. I have had the opportunity to network with many churches in the USA running Celebrate Recovery meetings for further guidance in setting up Celebrate Recovery in Zambia.

Despite my core business being to learn about Celebrate Recovery, I had a wonderful experience with learning about US food. I ate the Tacos, Sushi, In and Out burgers and many more foods and visited a number of exciting places like Old Town San Diego and the Del Coronado hotel. I also went to the beaches and had my first swim in the ocean where I felt like I was being cooked because of the salty waters.

Thank you once again for your compassionate support. I hope that you will continue to partner with me and the team back home in prayer. We have a small team arriving in September to teach on Suicide prevention and to help our Celebrate Recovery leaders to prepare for the launch in their churches in May 2017. We are looking for people to join in that large scale effort in May so please contact Dr. Snyder or Kelsie Kinden if you are interested in hearing more information. We hope to help our community not just address their life struggles but lead as many people as possible to the transforming power of Jesus Christ, the King of Kings who will soon come back and restore all things to the Glory of GOD.

Yours sincerely

Benjamin Samusiko
Zambia - Africa

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