Practical Chaplaincy Graduating Cohort June 2017, Westminster, MD

nccd practical chaplaincy Jun 23, 2017

Its hard to believe but this is our seventh year here in Westminster, MD. We have an extraordinary team of Senior Chaplains leading our team as it continues to grow in scope and purpose.

This year's class had the privilege of introducing Maria Espinoza and Tim Lyng of The Remembrance Project to our students.  

CAREForce, in collaboration with The Counseling Team International, have launched a nationwide professional intervention response group that will provide needed support services to U.S. citizen and legal immigrant families whose loved ones were killed by an illegal alien. With grief and crisis intervention as priority needs of surviving families, these peer support, mental health professionals and chaplains will offer immediate holistic physical, emotional, cognitive, behavioral and spiritual support to help meet each family’s unique needs. Services will be provided upon request for immediate point-of-need critical incident intervention response.

Maria shared...

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