Help Us Return to Zambia in 2018

zambia Oct 16, 2017

Will you please consider helping us to return to Zambia in 2018 to once again provide Suicide Intervention, Chaplaincy, Substance and Gender Based Violence Training? This is a country of 15 million people with only one mental health facility in the country in Lusaka with 8 clinicians of which we have trained 6 of the 8 on our last visit. The clinicians have now been disbursed through the country and we will need to go to multiple locations.

On our last trip we co-launched Celebrate Recovery with local individuals which now has positioned ten (10) churches that will become part of a delivery infrastructure of services into the Community in coordination with the Ministry of Health. We are also working with the military as well as the office of the President.

You can visit our blog posts on Zambia to find out more about our last trip and to view interviews of the clinicians at

Chainama Hospital Testimonials


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Zambia outreach featured in LivingWorks Annual Report 2016

asist nccd safetalk zambia Jun 26, 2017

Just got a surprise! The LivingWorks International Trainer Conference just completed in Atlanta Georgia where my good friend and fellow Trainer, John Avery, retired Sergeant Salinas Police Department was in attendance. John was part of our team that brought safeTALK and Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) to the nation of Zambia for the first time.

Zambia is a country of 15 million and has only one mental health facility (Chainama Hospital) in Lusaka at which (at the time) were 8 mental health professionals for the country. We had six out of the eight in our class.  I have been informed by our contact, Benjamin Samusiko that a number of these clinicians are now disbursed throughout the country.

LivingWorks included our outreach to Zambia in their Annual Report for 2016. You can download the report below and check out page 45! Thanks for sending to us John.

 Download Complete LivingWorks 2016 Annual Report

Click here to find out more about LivingWorks

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Zambia Update - Celebrate Recovery in Zambia!!

Excited to bring you an update on our Zambia initiative begun last year. As you may remember, part of the initiative was to develop the faith based community to become a delivery infrastructure for support for gender based violence, substance abuse and suicide issues.

Zambia is a country of 15 million people with only one mental health facility for the country and (at the time of our visit) 8 mental health professionals of which we were able to bring the first safeTALK and Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training to the nation and train 6 of the 8 mental health professionals.  We additionally were able to train a number of chaplains and community individuals in crisis intervention. You can see more on some of our other blog post videos on this site.

In order to make this effective and while working with the Ministry of Health for the nation, Celebrate Revovery was chosen as a delivery model to develop support groups to reach out to the commmunity. Here is a quick...

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Interview of Chaplain Esther- Needs Day Care Center Ng'ombe Zambia

Our flight to Zambia took 2 days to complete.  OUr first day there we were greeted by the children of Needs Day Care Center and was able to interview Chaplain Esther, the principal of the school


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Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training Testimonials Chainama Hospital Zambia

asist testimonials zambia Nov 15, 2016

Testimonials from clinicians attending the first ever Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) in Zambia (18:07)

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Interview of Clinicians at Chainama Hospital

Interview of Clinicians at Chainama Mental health Hospital (31:26)

We had an opportunity to gain an understanding of the mental health issues from the viewpoint of clinicians. Zambia has a population of 15 million with only one mental health hospital and 8 psychiatrists for the entire country.

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San Diego Christian College Zambian Vision Casting

zambia Sep 13, 2016

Sorry for such late notice, but we have been given an opportunity to present our vision again with the students and faculty at San Diego Christian College this Thursday at 6:30PM! Dr. Snyder, a professor at SDCC, shared a little about what we are doing with some people there, and they expressed great interest! Some of the students in the music and performing arts are already committed to go. Others that expressed interest were psychologists who could do mental health training and some that are feeling led but don't know exactly how they might fit in with the ministry opportunities.

This could be a HUGE opportunity for the Zambian people to receive many different kinds of assistance, and for the team going to experience God in fresh ways. Please pray for their hearts to be opened and for God to give them clear callings in their lives! This meeting will be a great way for you to share your team’s vision and plans for the Zambia trip in May.

If you would like to attend, the...

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Vision Casting Update

zambia Aug 29, 2016

Recently received an email that was a great synopsis of our vision casting this past week. Thought I'd pass it on.....

On Aug 23, 2016, at 7:56 PM,

This vision casting meeting took place at Journey Community Church, 8363 Center Dr., La Mesa, CA on August 20, 2016 6:30 to 8:30 pm.

Benjamin is currently working as a psychologist at Chainama Hills Hospital College which is the only psychiatric facility in Zambia. He is also a 2nd year student for a BA in psychology at Rusangu University in Lusaka, Zambia (his home town).

Alcoholism is the number one diagnosis for men seeking help at Chainama Hills Hospital. 741 people were admitted to emergency treatment in 2015 for alcohol abuse, were treated, and sent back home. The statistics say that half of those will die of alcohol poisoning during their attempts at withdrawal. 948 people were admitted for alcohol issues and given longer-term treatment in 2015. Alcohol abuse is very high in Zambia with 1 in 5 being alcoholic. (US is 1 in 9)....

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Benjamin Samusiko Thank You Letter

zambia Aug 29, 2016

August 23, 2016

Dear Donors,

Thank you for your kind donation that made it possible for me to travel from Zambia to the USA. Your generous support will greatly impact my country as we will soon establish Celebrate Recovery meeting places in our communities. These Christ focused groups will help people who are experiencing hurts, hang ups and habits-it can help all of us! Specifically, we will begin to address the rise in alcohol abuse and other drugs which have been major contributors to domestic violence, road traffic, poverty, the rise in HIV and sexually transmitted infections. We hope to see the benefit of healthier families and more children going to school in the near future.

I want to assure you that despite the urgency in starting Celebrating Recovery in Zambia, I will not comprise the quality and effectiveness of Celebrate Recovery. I have acquired the needed experience and knowledge on Celebrate Recovery through the three-day summit at Saddleback Church from the August...

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Update from Dr Cheryl Snyder, Trinity Chaplain College

zambia Aug 29, 2016

Hello donors and prayer partners!

Benjamin Samusiko has completed his Celebrate Recovery training in the US and will be flying back in just about 1 hour. It has been a joy to have him with us and many have been moved by the Lord to join him with his vision to bring this Christ centered healing transformation to Zambia. Celebrate Recovery programs have been developed for those with hurts, hangups and habits. We can all benefit from this amazing program that is in over 30,000 locations and 125 countries and has grown tremendously in the past 25 years since its inception.

We currently have 4 churches in San Diego and one in Yakima, Washington (Thanks Mom!) that have committed to sending team members to Zambia in May 2017.

I also have had a significant response from other professors I work with at San Diego Christian College who would like to join us and also encourage their students to join in giving their time and knowledge in various settings where I was working including orphanages,...

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