Zambia Outreach

zambia Aug 01, 2016

National Center Chaplain Development has been asked by Trinity Chaplain College in Lusaka Zambia ‌ to assist them with the training and development of chaplains within the healthcare, mental health, schools and military sectors as well as local churches and pastors.

In addition, there is a huge need for a focus on the reduction of suicide and alcoholism. We have therefore asked our sister ministry, Armed Forces Mission to participate with us to achieve this goal.

The Zambia Outreach will provide training opportunities for the nation's military chaplains, local ministers and churches and medical personnel to combat the high rate of suicide. Our advanced team will consist of physicians, mental health and chaplains and are hoping to go September 22 through October 6 dependent on funding.

This trip will be for a basic in-country assessment, suicide prevention & intervention training, the preliminary establishment of Celebrate Recovery and training of chaplains while we are there. Upon our return, we will have a six-month planning session for a larger scale endeavor in 2017. We are also bringing National Center for Chaplain Development's videographer with us to capture the issues facing the Zambian people and to document our trip.

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